Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cool Neavey Stuff Part III

is Neavey's new special needs swing and swing frame. This is one of the first times she spent much time in it. She seems to enjoy it even more now. We have developed a slightly better system for wedging her in since this video was taken. Currently we add a bolster under her knees and a few rolled up towels around her shoulders to keep her body in better alignment.

The swing and frame come from an adaptive equipment company called Abilitations. Our super home repair and contractor extraordinaire, Mark Sportell, went beyond the call of duty (as usual) with the installation of this swing contraption. The frame itself can hold up to 2 swings for wheelchairs (which, obviously, is not the kind of swing we got for Neavey). And, Mark has made sure the frame won't fly off during the next hurricane. It is secured into the ground with about 200 lbs of cement. We have installed the hammock swing designed for those with poor body control and a regular swing for those with good body control. Always thinking of Neavey's comfort and safety, Mark also thought to wrap the chains of the hammock swing with 3/4 inch pipe insallation.


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