Friday, March 6, 2009

Cool Neavey Stuff- Part 1

This funky inflatable rocker is not your Barbie's blow up furniture of the seventies. This is your super duper special needs variety, SensaRock. Yes the balls in the side runners move and make noise! AWESOME! It came as as a gift from my parents as part of Neavey's Christmas installment (more cool stuff to see in future posts). Alas, this answers the age of old question, "Is Neavey my over grown doll?" Answer: A Clue, YES! And the other that your Christmas tree? in March? Why yes, it is the coolest Christmas tree ever, but it came down promptly on January 1st.
Thus, it was not a "MILLNER" tree that might stay up until oh, what was it? April?
SensaRock is great for kids with sensory processing disorders and large motor deficiencies.

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