Monday, March 9, 2009

Cool Neavey Stuff Part II

Neavey's Uncle Brian discovered this funky star laser show for Neavey while researching a Christmas wish I had made on Neavey's behalf.
We know that Neavey seems to enjoy toys that light up and she likes to look at the Christmas tree as it twinkles through the month of December. But since I refuse to leave a Christmas tree up until Easter, Neavey only gets one month of twinkling.

Thanks to Uncle Brian and his family, Neavey can now enjoy twinkliness year round.
It's not exactly twinkly, it's BETTER! With this Laser Star show we can transform any room into a star-filled universe. Two built-in precision glass lenses, plus a green laser and holographic technology create thousands of stars that slowly move across the room. A cool "nebula" cloud feature can be dialed in as well. That is how we get the blue effect above.

Neavey tracks the little green "stars" or dots as they move across her field of vision. It's so totally cool that I took it to her school to show the teacher of Neavey's Mentally Imparied classroom... Her teacher was bidding on it through eBay within hours. Neavey now has one at school as well!

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