Friday, April 17, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Eastery Time

This year's Easter theme for Neavey was SUNGLASSES! She took sunglasses to her classmates in her Multiple Impairment
classroom. She also took Moeller's cupcakes to her teachers!

The Easter Bunny brought her these cool Ronnie Milsap inspired shades. Why Shades? Well, we have learned as the season is slowly changing down here in Tejas (yes, we do have more than one season. Although one season is called "hot humid swamp" and the other is called "it's sunny outside and we won't broil if we go out for a few minutes") that Neavey's new special needs swing set, the one set in 200 pounds of concrete, is positioned so that she gets blasted with intense rays during our prime swinging times. These "Barbie" brand UVA/UVB shades are doing a great job.

And, who doesn't love Ronnie Milsap, Barbie and Neavey??? If you didn't already check out the Ronnie Milsap video, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's Pure Neavey!

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