Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playin' with Auntie Catlin

Catlin is one of Neavey's biggest fans.
I met Catlin in 2004 when I went back to classroom teaching
after a few years of training teachers. Catlin and I quickly realized our teaching styles
and philosophies complimented each other well and we started working very closely with our lesson planning, teaching etc... We quickly became good friends, not just because of all the "teacher" stuff, but because she really "got" Neavey. Lucky me, lucky Neavey! Catlin's history of working with cognitively and physically impaired kids through the YMCA system (Spokane, Washington) certainly provided her the background knowledge for being around Neavey. However, some people just "got the Neavey knack"...
And Auntie Catlin is KNACKED OUT!

Like Keith and I , Catlin doesn't have family in town. I think after she evacuated from Houston to Austin ( normally less than a three hour drive that took us 16 hours that day) with us during Hurricane Rita in 2005, Catlin truly became family. Although she is committed to spending time with the 4 of us as a family, she has a connection with Neavey independent of her relationship
with Keith and me. More times than I can count, Catlin has dropped everything in her personal and/or professional life when we have needed her help during a crisis with Neavey.

So, in May of 2007 when I was about to leave teaching again to be more available for Neavey, imagine my surprise (and utter dismay) to find out Catlin was planning to return to Washington to pursue her Master's degree. Fortunately, colleagues at Keith's work recognized Catlin's talent and strength in education and made her a job offer she could not refuse. Although I miss the days of our dynamic duo teaching at Scroggins Elementary, at least she's still a very regular presence in our life.
PS- Check out Catlin's blog "Pie of the Day"


Sarah said...

I really love these shots of Catlin with Neavey. They're so sweet!

Neave said...

Thanks for leaving Feed back Sarah! We really appreciate it!