Friday, August 15, 2008

Neavey's Summer Boot Camp

8:00 am: After morning meds, Neavey watches some PBS

9:00 am: Time to get dressed, do some stretches and put on AFO's.

10:00 am: Neavey spends 30 minutes in her stander. She's watching Monsters Inc.

10: 50 am: Neavey holds office hours. Actually she sits in her tumble form chair with tray for 25 minutes and activates a variety of toys, while mama practices guitar.

These are just snapshots from a typical day at Mama Boot Camp. Boot Camp lasts from early July as summer school ends and goes well into August before school starts. There is a schedule and we stick to it! It's a challenge to keep Neavey alert, motivated and changing positions. Therapists encourage us to change her positioning every 30 minutes or so to keep her from developing ulcerations (bed sores). We work in 15 minute drink breaks, meals in a different chair, tooth brushing, floor time in which I assist her in sitting up on the floor and reaching for toys, wheelchair time around the house as I put away dishes or laundry, etc... Sometimes we plan a 20 minute field trip to Target, Kroger or some other nearby destination. Mostly this is to get out of the house briefly and into another air conditioned dwelling since it's so freakin' hot!!!

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