Monday, July 14, 2008

Gramma & Granpa Visit

Shaker time with Gramma.


Where did they go?

Gotcha again!

My parents came in from Buda, TX to visit Neavey last weekend.
My mom is a great asset with her top notch nursing skills. I learned something new...
"floating" Neavey's heels so as to avoid pressure that can lead to ulcer formation. Since Neavey spends a lot of time propped in positions I should be careful to always avoid pressure at her heels since this is already an area of poor circulation... As you can see in this picture I have her knees supported but what you can't see is a little rolled up towel under heels.
We had a super time with my parents. We all went out to the Fannin Flower District so my mom could add to her Country Kitchen foliage. And then we spent some time at the antique stores on 19th Street in The Heights. Again, searching for Country Kitchen goodies. The rest of the time we hung out with Neavey either watching "Over the Hedge" or just playing with shaker toys, etc.

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