Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Havin a ball!

In January Neavey had another visit from Jacy's supervisor, Brian. No, not as in the uncle variety. This Brian subbed for Jacy back in November and tried some different things out with Neavey that I wanted him to do again and show both Jacy and me how to pull it off. Becasue, if you didn't notice those ginormous guns on Brian, then my photography is lame. However, he was hoisting Neavey up onto this giant therapy ball and rolling her and that ball around like they were wiffely. I would never have guessed Neavey would like the upside down business etc.. But she does! YAY Brian, for showing something to add to Neavey's therapy arsenal. Jacy has incorporated the "ball" work into Neavey's physical therapy regiment and it's going great.


Catfish said...

and the magical wand makes everything awesomer!

Kelly Millner said...

Yes, Magically awesomER!