Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uncle Brian Does it Again!

Alli, Brian and Laura

Uncle Brian (my brother) and his wife Laura
have become
quite the advocates for Neavey's
visual stimulation.
Over the last year and
a half they have been contributing

to her "Sensory Theatre"with some
great sensory
solutions to enhance
her visual attention.

Many of you have seen or read about her Laser Star
projector which is still a favorite not just for Neavey,
for us as well. For Neavey's 10th birthday,
Brian sent a
Space Projector that casts a lava
lamp-like effect on to
any flat surface. Just pop
in an oil effect wheel and watch
the bubbly goo go!

The latest installment intensifies the effect of the
Space Projector.
The pod Neavey is lying in
brings the bubbles within inches.

Visually stimulating indeed! The pod pops
open and folds down like
one of those dashboard
sun visors. Easy, breezy fun time.

Thanks little brother! We love you guys!

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