Friday, September 25, 2009

H1N1 Crisis

Night 4 - still on O2

No rest for the weary! Physical therapy started for Neavey on day 3. This is day 6. She was starting to perk up a bit

TCH provided a standing frame as well as a therapist while she was in hospital.

asleep in standing frame

Day 6 - acting more like herself with Keith.

September 11th Neavey's rapid flu culture came back positive. We will never really know if she in fact had the swine flu because Harris county had stopped differentiating between the flu strands after a month of 95% of the follow up testing coming back positive for H1N1. We were told to assume it was H1N1 and to proceed with caution.

Because Neavey cannot clear her own secretions very well if at all when she is sick, we were forced to take her to TCH's ER the next morning, She was admitted and spent 7 mostly hellish nights on the Neuro. Floor. Thank goodness for awesome night shift nurses who don't freak out over seizures (you'd be surprised how many nurses do) and rock out the at upper airway suctioning. Thank you Michelle! Neavey started acting a little like herself around day 4 or 5 but continued to: run high fever every other night, need oxygen, and need upper airway suctioning. Alas, she did get to come home one week after being admitted and has hung in there since then. Keith and I survived only with the help of great nurses and friends. Thanks to all of you who made us meals, brought supplies to TCH and provided rides to and fro.

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