Friday, July 31, 2009

July Rocked!

June was definitely a warm up for July. Neavey kept up her perky-ful tempo!

Neavey has a knack for the camera. By knack, I mean the moment the camera goes on she immediately stops doing the cool, great thing that prompted filming. Curses!

Le Bleu water bottles make the best shaker toys! They have a perfect narrow neck that Neavey can grasp. I've only been able to find this water at Specs.

Last Christmas my mom, brother (Justin) and his partner (Amy), Keith and I filled many bottles with bric-a-brac and assorted rattley bits for Neavey. They are the perfect handheld toy for her.

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Jacy said...

Love the pictures and videos! It IS 100% true that she goes camera shy when you start to film her! One day I am just going to have to wear a hidden camera to therapy so she doesn't know I'm filming her (she would probably somehow figure it out though!) Love the credits at the end of our video too:) See you guys soon!