Thursday, September 4, 2008

Neavey's classroom ROCKS!

Neavey (mostly asleep) with her classroom aides during the first week of school.

Neavey and the other students in her class are lucky to have a smart, nurturing, and loving teacher and staff to care for and teach them each day. Since I have only cleared the use of this photo with the aides pictured here, and not the use of their names, we will call them Ms. F on the left and Ms. L on the right.

These women along with the supervision of the head teacher, Ms. S, have dedicated their professional lives to working with special kids like Neavey. These are not people going through the motions of a tedious job. These are special adults caring for special children. They are thoughtful, respectful and genuine in their interactions with their students. Of course without the support and trust of the school principal, this classroom would not be as successful.

Neavey has ever been part of a program with a poor administrator that didn't trust or support her teachers and needless to say we were forced to remove Neavey from that setting . But that was years ago and we have been grateful for our and Neavey's experiences at this school for several years.

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