Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Favorite Videos

To see some earlier videos of Neavey posted on YouTube go to the following links:
Standing during physical therapy - January, '07
Happy in chair - September, '07
Playing with Keith and laughing - October, '07

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lotsaAggies said...

I have met "informally" through my daughter Sarah, Neavey and her amazing parents. Neavey is the most beautiful little girl and when I look in to those gorgeous eyes, I see a tiny glimpse of heaven disguised as a child. I see why Sarah speaks so lovingly of Kelly, Keith and Neavey. Anyone who gets to see a few moments of Neavey's life, even if only in pictures is deeply blest. Thank you so much for kindly allowing others to share a moment of such an awesome little girl. I am so truly blest to have been allowed "in" for a short visit with video. May God gently hold, Linda Cheshire